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Preturi pentru Rent-a-Bike

PRETURI 20211 ora2 oreMax
4 ore
1 day
24 ore
Electric BIKE
100 lei180 lei220 lei280380 lei
Nou !!! EnDURO
Full suspension
80 lei135 lei180 lei200280 lei
FULL suspension40 lei70 lei90 lei100140 lei
pentru 2 persoane
35 lei50 lei65 lei80115 lei
Touring / Trekking
25 lei35 lei50 lei6085 lei
Bicicleta Copii
roti pana la 24″
15 lei25 lei30 lei3550 lei

Discounturi se aplica pentru clientii cazati la Hotel Alpin – Poiana Brasov.

Multi Day Bike Rental

Inchiriaza biciclete pentru mai multe zile pentru a obtine preturi mai mici.
pentru mai multi zile consecutive de inchirieri biciclete .. apasa aici

Accesorii pentru Rent-a-Bike

Child seat for infants15 lei / day3 euro / day
Panniers and handlebar bags 10 lei / day2 euro / day
Bike Return in Brasov15 lei / day3 euro / day
Smart Phone Holder 10 lei / day2 euro / day
GPS rental15 lei / day3 euro / day

PickUp Location

Our Bike Rental Shop is located at Hotel Alpin in Poiana Brasov.
It is opened daily from 9am to 5pm.

On request, we can transfer the bikes to a different location of your choice at an extra cost. For group guided tours, the transfer is free for a minimum number of bikes within a certain distance from Brasov.

Return Location

The easiest way is to return the bikes in the same location.
Alternatively, you can return the bikes in the town of Brasov for an extra fee. The address will be given to you at the time of rental, depending on the day of the week or time of the day for the bike return. Location is within old town center or at short walking distance.

Guided Bike Tours

Professional and dedicated guides are happy to show you tips and trick in mountain biking, for kids but also for adults or just to lead you on great bike rides on single trails or EnDuro and Freestyle routes.
Learn to ride packages are introducing you into the riding world.

Guided Bike tours … details here.

Learn to ride packages are also available .. click here

SelfGuided Bike Tours

You can enjoy a ride on your own rhythm. Rent a bike adn find your own way around. We can organize the logistic of the bike tour by poroviding the following services:

– route details, maps, road book
– luggage transfer, daily or on request
– booking for accommodations along the way

More details for SelfGuided Bike Tours .. click here

Tarife inchirere biciclete / Prices rent a bike:

Rent-a-BikeTarife Inchirieri Biciclete Pe ora

One hour

Pe zi

Full Day

Garantie minimum
4 zile / 4 days
7 zile / 7 days

Electric Bike
60 lei/h 240 lei/zi guarantee by credit card 50Euro/day 45euro/day
Full Suspension 40 lei/h 150 lei/zi   30Euro/day 25euro/day
Tandem  –   pentru 2 persoane / for 2 people 35 lei/h 80 lei/zi   15Euro/day 12euro/day
Hard Tail 25 lei/h 60 lei/zi   11Euro/day 9euro/day
Copii / Children 15 lei/h 35 lei/zi Wheels up to 24” and 18 speeds 6Euro/day 5euro/day
Scaun pentru copil / Child seat for infants;  10 lei/day-zi up to max 20kg weight 7lei/day 5lei/day

Returnarea bicicletelor in Oras Brasov
/ Bike return in town of Brasov       +10lei / bicicleta

Va oferim si Circuite cu ghid insotitor – detalii tarife


Centrul de inchirieri se localizeaza in incinta Hotel Alpin, Poiana Brasov.

mob: 0727 210777 ; 0723 723255